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First post to this [30 Jan 2006|12:00am]

You know what I hate?
People who talk during movies.
Especially in a movie theatre.
I did NOT pay $8 to hear YOU.
I warn people who have never gone to the movies with me that they better not talk.
This group of Asians came in to the theatre and sat in front of me [which is fine, it's like stadium seating at this theatre, so no one is actually in your way] and this one guy is high whispering to his friend.
The movie had clearly BEGUN. SHUT THE HELL UP.
And it was a quiet movie [A New World].
And I got really aggravated and shoved the back of his chair with my foot [these seats slightly recline at this theatre, oh yeah, it's high class] and said "be quiet, PLEASE" and they did. and then they actually left halfway through the movie, loudly I might add, anyway.
And why would you leave halfway through a movie that you just paid EIGHT DOLLARS FOR.
I've seen some pretty bad movies in the theatres, but never walked out, I paid the money might as well just watch it to the end, that way when you say it's terrible you can actually tell them why. [examples would be the movies Birth [a movie that Nicole Kidman was unfortunately] that I would reccomend to NO ONE ever in their life and Anchorman, which I am very glad i only paid for as a matinee]
And then, this guy came into the theatre and sat right next to me.
Dude. there are like 200 seats in this theatre. It's not even half full. And you sit right NEXT TO ME.
And then he doesn't stop moving around. He never talked though, which was good.
It was just odd.
And if you were wondering, the movie was decent. It was more serious then I thought it would be. And sad. I thought it was gonna be more of an adventure movie, but it wasn't. which is why I think people walked out because it wasn't what they were expecting. But I enjoyed it.
And now I'm off to bed because I have work in the morning.
Which I also hate.
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[19 Jan 2006|02:49pm]

My sister's health class teaches
B- be married
c- Condoms don't work

what the fuck?
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[18 Jan 2006|03:11pm]

I strongly detest people who don't bathe.
It's just...take a bath, you stupid mother fucker before I feel the need to scrub the grime off of you myself. Which is something I never, ever, ever would like to see myself doing. Washing some grimy kid. Ew.
Anyways, there's this stupid girl who is in my classes.
She smells bad, and her hair is greasy, AND she wears the same clothes every day (they have a peculiar odor as well). But it's like that every single day...she never looks clean. So it's not a matter of how often she showers, it's just that I'm beginning to wonder if she even does shower at all.
If I go just one DAY without showering, I feel very, very disgusting. How can people like that LIVE WITH THEMSELVES??? Especially if I know they can afford hot water. There are some poor people that are the exception to this rule, but otherwise, I cannot possibly find a reason worth respecting you, you dirty pile of scum.
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Wowza [28 Dec 2005|10:19pm]

So anytime I feel like hating on the general population of the world or making a plot to end the world I can just come here?
Sweet deal :)
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